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Poui Sublimation Ink 70 ml 8 colors (Ink Bundle)

Poui Sublimation Ink 70 ml 8 colors (Ink Bundle)

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Sublimation Ink for Epson Eco Tanks

 8 colors 

2 Cyan

2 Black

2 Yellow

 2 Magenta

*Our Premium Ink is available for Eco Tank Printers!

*High quality sublimation ink (Dye based) won't clog your printheads. This ink is a heat transfer/sublimation ink.

I have been using this ink for the last 6 months and it gives vibrant colors that hold up really well after many washes.

*70ml each bottle. One color per bottle. You can then refill the bottle with our regular refill ink bottles.

*Accurate colors. Formulated for your printer's best printing results

*Easy to use. The bottles fit perfectly in Epson Eco Tank printers using 502 and 522 models. After use, the bottles are refillable.

For use in following printers:

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