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Poui Designs University

Poui Designs University

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This is a life time membership for you who  want to learn how to create your  own SVG cut files to sell on Etsy, your website, or any other platform to make passive income.
In these classes, I will teach you  SVG creation and other forms of passive income strategies that I use myself. I will hold your hand and walk you thru step by step.

You will be so happy to hear the cha-ching sound every day! That means money is coming in. You are selling a product that you create once and sell over and over and over again.

How to create

-Designs for your Etsy shop

-Designs for Print On Demand websites.

-Digital Papers

-Design and sell Print on Demand Fabrics

You do not want to miss any of these. And many more

You will be able to open an SVG shop within one month.

You get 40 free listing from me if you do not have a Etsy shop yet

 The lifetime  membership is $250

Enroll today, learn and earn passive income.