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Free Designing Software to Use in your Crafting Business

Hello Poui Fam,

Do you know that there are free Softwares and some you pay once to use for a lifetime?

We as crafters we want to have access to softwares we can use for free or even buy once to own.

I have used many softwares and I have come to find some good ones.


Here are they:

-Inkscape (free) download here

Master software to create svg,png files and templates . Learn how to create svg files here

-Canva (free version) create templates and social media posts

-Silhouette Studio . You can use the Basic Edition which is free and come with many limitations,but it's still useful.

The Designer's Edition is very useful as well for designing especially if you want to print and cut and all that good stuff.

The Business Edition is the master software and the best yet from Silhouette America. In this version you are able to save your designs in different formats

These are:

*SVG format

*PNG format

*JPEG format

*PDF format

You can also use Google Apps for Free to create presentations,pdfs,sheets,forms etc. Find them here .Google Apps

And last but not least of which I know and have used is Photopea. This software is equivalent to Photoshop. You can design your files and even save them in PsD(Photoshop documents with layers and all). I sell customizable templates with these on Etsy.Find Photopea here.

Check out this video on how to use Inkscape to create and design tumbler templates and wraps.





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