5 Ways to Easily Monetize Your Ai Art as an Artist

5 Ways to Easily Monetize Your Ai Art as an Artist


Ai art is growing in popularity in today's culture and crafters and designers are here for it.

What is Ai art you might ask?

Ai art is made by machines rather by human beings. You feed data into a mchine learning algorythm and it create art based on that data. These art are unique ,and not 2 images are the same.

Different Ai art generating platforms are: Midjourney,Lexica,illustrate Ai and many more.

Because  the information above, there is a great potential for artists and designers to turn their Ai generated creations into income by monetizing them. This brings us to the possible  ways on how to monetize your Ai art.

5 Ways To Monetize Your Ai Art

1. Digital Printables

Crafters and Designers are looking for Art images daily on sale platforms like: Etsy,Creative Fabrica,Designbundles,and Creative Market

They 're looking for: 

PNG image files

- Done-For-You Sticker Sheets

-Notebook Covers

-Printable Bookmarks

-PLR products that they can resell 

Make sure that your art is upscaled to meet your customers need. Use Editing Software like: Photoshop,Canva,Silhouette Studio,Inkscape,Photopea.


2. Selling Your Art on Merchandise with Print-On-Demand Companies

Selling your Ai art on print-on-demand websites is also a way to monetize your creations.

You can upload your items on different products that they have in their product catalogs, like shirts,mugs,bags or drinkware.

Some popular POD websites are:








Some of these pod websites can be synchronised with Etsy and Shopify.


3. Start an Art Subscription Service

As an Ai art generating artist,you can start an art subscription service. Be sure to find out what your niche is and what type of art your subscribers might want/need.Create different tiers for your customers where you can deliver different packages of images  and charge different prices.

Patreon is one of these platforms where you can start with this type of subscription services.


4.Educational Ai art Workshops

Artists like you can teach Ai art creation classes to people that want to learn this beautiful venue of modern technology.

You can sell your couses on different platforms like: Teachable,Podia,Thinkific, to name a few. Students can pay and get access to your online classes.


5.Sell Prints and Physical Artwork

Print-on-demand websites like Printful is offering wall art as one of the products in their catalog. First upscale your Ai artwork,decide in which sizes you want to offer your art prints and check if order a sample to see the quality of their work.

If you like the quality,start pitching your work to different  places like, banks,private business like:

-Coffee Shops and Cafes,

-Hotels and B&Bs,

-Restaurants and Bars,Salons and Spas,

-Real Estate Agencies


Explore  different options to diversify your income streams and see which one works best for you.  Networking, marketing, and continuously improving your AI art skills are also important into making your Ai art business a succes.


 Here are some Ai art created in Midjourney

Thank you for reading,please let me know if this was helpful to you.




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