5 Sublimated Items That Will Always Sell!

5 Sublimated Items That Will Always Sell!

As crafters we want to make money in our businesses. We do not want to sublimate things and then sit and look at them. We want them to make us money,bring money in so that our businesses can grow.


Here below I have chosen 5 particular sublimation items that will always sell. Some more than the other,but they surely sell.

Passport Covers and Luggage Tags

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These are popular year-round because people always travel. Many customers, especially ladies, love to travel in style with their passports, luggage tags, and luggage matching. Scrolling on Etsy you will see the proof.

Here’s a YOUTUBE VIDEO on sublimating Passport Covers and Luggage Tags.

Sublimation Tumblers

sublimation,tumblers,3d tumblers,black women

Sublimation tumblers are always in style.  People carry around with drinks all the time,or it’s in their car,but they have it with them. Since sublimation tumblers have double walls /insulated they are ideal for cold and warm drinks. So sublimation tumblers are in season in summer and winter.


Here’s a YOUTUBE VIDEO on tumbler sublimation

Tote Bags

tote bags,sublimation,items,black women,errands,bags for women,

Tote bags that you can sublimate are very popular among

women, even kids. A tote bag with a customer’s favorite design is a must have to them.

We as ladies love totebags. We use them when we  run errands and they can also be given as a non-expensive gift to a loved one. They can be used all year-round.  Here is the YOUTUBE VIDEO on shirt sublimation

Sublimation Shirts

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SUblimation shirts are always popular. People always need shirts with their favorite images for diverse events as,birthdays,cruise voyages,sport event,concerts,graduation.You name it!

As long as you know how to  sublimate on shirts and you market it,you will sell.

My Tip To You

sublimation bundle,passport cover,luggage tag,artsadd,travel bag,travel bundle,tumbler,bookmark

As a business owner who is in the customization business,you should consider bundling your items for your customers. Recommending more items in a bundle can make you more money than always selling 1 here and 1 there. You can make more money with 1 customer at the time.



In the picture below you can see that the passport cover,luggage tag,tumbler can be bundled with a *travel bag and a bookmark for your customer.

Especially if you know what your customers like.


You can create bundles with their custom images for branding of their business,or for their kids or husbands.

So next time you create mockups ,do not forget to add mockups of  tumblers,passport covers,luggage tags etc


*Note: The travel bag is not a sublimation item, but you can order it for your customers after they pay for the bundle.

Here is the Travel Bag class

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